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Originally grown only in southern Oregon and Northern California, Port Orford is a truely unique cedar species. It is a particularly hard and strong cedar, with the same natural durability as other types of cedar when it comes to weather, rot and insects.


This is a fine appearance grade for staining or painting.

Board Size 6'–8'–10'–12'–14'–16'
1 x 4 Clear S4S
1 x 6 Clear S4S
1 x 8 Clear S4S
1 x 10 Clear S4S
1 x 12 Clear S4S
2 x 4 Clear S4S
2 x 6 Clear S4S
2 x 8 Clear S4S
2 x 10 Clear S4S
2 x 12 STK

Tongue & Groove

Ideal for interior paneling, ceilings, and walls. Makes for great wainscoting. V grooved on one side Beaded on the other.

Board Size Board Grade
1 x 4 Clear or Knotty
1 x 6 Clear or Knotty
1 x 8 Clear


Port Orford Cedar is a great choice for humid, wet climates for its resistant properties.

Board Size Board Grade
5/4 x 6 Decking STK
S4S ESDE Edge 8' – 18'
2 x 2 Balusters Clear
S4S ESDE Edge Clear
4 x 4 Post STK
S4S ESDE Edge 8' – 10' – 12'

Please note that Port Orford Cedar can be difficult to source.
All products on this page are subject to availability.